The sound of the underground in the world

There are so many places in the cont


emporary world where electronic music artists are exposing their art to the public and real underground scenes are growing, expanding and transforming themselves.

I thought i do a compilation of some of the most interesting scenes (to my eyes and ears) of some major cities in the world; each one of them is telling story of that particular spot and how and why the underground scene has developed there.

The vidoes where shooted a few years ago but still  worth sharing. You can find a full playlist of other documentaries of other cities around the world  simply clicking here.

>>> Here is the compilation of my favourite ones:







Los Angeles

Wherever you find yourself to be in the world, keep it experimenting and remember…

“We are underground because we are trying to create a space where we feel truly free, becasue it doesn’t exist within the current system….”