Born in 1991, Niccolo’s relationship with electronic music started as a teenager when he began to frequent nightclubs as an escape from ordinary life in his adopted hometown, Bergamo (Italy). The nightlife scene excited him, particurarly the feeling of connection on the dance floor and the power of music to create strong emotions in a crowd.

Music always had a significant meaning in his life, symbolising freedom and becoming ultimately a bold statement for his identity.

Around the year 2014 he felt an inner force telling him to leave everything behind and take his relationship with music further, inspired by the sound of many artists from different musical styles. This process of musical discovery and curiosity still permeates up to this day.

In 2016 Niccolo released his first track “Out In Space (Original Mix)” under Aeriform Records, before going on releasing other tracks for digital record labels such as Suffused Music, Inmost Records and Mystic Carousel Records.

2017 was marked by more releases on Mystic Carosuel Records, for which he produced a series of remixes and original tracks which owed him some reactions and support from the community.

His self-taught skills and style are in a state of constant evolution, both on the side of producing music as well as performing it. Taking influences from older records, his sound can always be recognised by its keen sense of melody, as well as a penetrating and vibrating rhythm. Those are the ingredients for the uplifting musical experience he wants to convey.

The year 2018 brings him new and exciting challenges: Niccolo moves to Berlin, (Germany), the global capital of electronic music, where he soon has the chance to perform a live set at Kaffee Burger, in the very city center. This experience gives him the opportunity to give an even more precise direction to his musical journey, focusing on a very specific sound which melts together traits of Techno, Trance and Dance music.

In 2019, Niccolo starts working on his very own project: record label, podcast series and nightclub in Berlin, under the name of “Fucked Up!”.
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